Your Civil and Structural Consulting Engineer



Our scope of services includes engineering and engineering review in the following areas.


1)        Structural Engineering Works

·                Structural Assessment and Certification

·                Structural Inspection and Strengthening Works

·                Steel Structural Design

·                Reinforced Concrete Design

2)        Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering Works

·                Geotechnical Engineering

·                Foundation Engineering

·                Deep Excavation Engineering

3)        Advanced Structural Engineering Works

·                Cable Structural Design

·                Post-tensioning Design

4)        Detailed In-depth Analysis and Engineering Works

·                Finite Element Analysis

·                Vibration Analysis

·                Buckling Analysis

·                Geotechnical and foundation analysis

5)        Detailing / BIM

·                Shop drawings for post-tensioning concrete beams and slabs

·                Tekla structure modelling

We welcome all the civil and structural engineering related enquires.

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Mobile: (64) 021 0814 0973